Changes to your bin collections - frequently asked questions

What happens if I have excess waste that won't fit in my bin? Can I have an additional one? SHOW

If I do not qualify for a free larger capacity general waste bin, can I purchase one? SHOW

Why can't pots, tubs and trays be recycled? SHOW

How to manage and contain your waste SHOW

My bin will be full of nappies, what can I do? SHOW

I am a childminder or a grandparent and have a lot of nappies to dispose of SHOW

I'm concerned about possible health issues relating to waste being in bins for two weeks, rather than one SHOW

My general waste bin is often full of my business waste SHOW

Food waste collection – other Local Authorities offer this, why doesn't Southampton? SHOW

Is the council concerned these changes will see an increase in fly-tipping? SHOW

Why have these changes been made? SHOW

Council Tax – why has my tax gone up while you are reducing services? SHOW

What will happen if I refuse to pay the Council Tax? SHOW