Alcohol Delivery Service

Advice for Premises wanting to operate an alcohol delivery service

Complying with the law

All licence conditions must be complied with and there must not be any licence conditions which prohibit or restricts alcohol deliveries. Alcohol could only be dispatched from the premises detailed on the licence, and no other premises. 

Sales must be within the hours authorised on your licence. For example, if alcohol sales finish at 22:00 hours all online or telephone ordering must stop at this time.  Alcohol must be paid for at time of ordering by card on a ‘non‐contact’ basis. Orders and payments can be taken by telephone or online. 

Persons aged 18 and over can purchase alcohol and robust age verification procedures need to be in place at the point of order and at delivery. Where this can’t be done, then orders must be declined.  

Deliveries need to include a strict policy with training in place to make sure alcohol is only received by persons aged 18 and over. Challenge 25 is recommended to be applied when the alcohol is passed from courier to customer. Photo ID of the person receiving is essential and if your delivery driver cannot verify age then the delivery must not be made.  

For pubs without alcohol sales for consumption off the premises on their licence

An option is to apply for a Temporary Events Notice (TEN). Information for TENs.

If you are in any doubts or you need further advice, please contact the licensing team by email to or calling 023 8083 3002