Club premises forms and guidance

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Licensing Act 2003 Guidance - Feesdocx36.8 KB

Club premises forms and guidance - application forms, prescribed by the legislation, are also available, as is a list of the fees and the responsible authorities who should be consulted prior to applications being made, particularly those for variation or new licences, and who will need to be served with copies of applications.

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Guidance - Club - New or Variationdocx54.5 KB
LA03 Guidance - Regulated Entertainmentpdf182.3 KB
LA03 Guidance Mandatory Conditionspdf751.7 KB
LA03 Mandatory Condition Duty plus VAT calculatorxlsx16.2 KB
Application for a club premises certificate and declarationdocx74.6 KB
Club New Public Noticedocx26.5 KB
Application to vary a club premises certificatedocx79.6 KB
Club Variation Public Noticedocx26.0 KB
Minor Variation paper application formdocx44.3 KB
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