Port of Southampton

Please see the ABP Cruise Ship schedule for the provisional list of Southampton cruise ship movements and ABP's live shipping movements for the latest updates on all shipping movements in the port. Please note that both these pages are subject to frequent updates.

Docks Permits

With effect from 1 April 2009, Associated British Ports entered into a renewable agreement with Southampton City Council for the licensing team to issue permits allowing access to ABP's docks land by Southampton licensed hackney carriages. This agreement has been renewed with effect from 1 April 2014, when the conditions were revised; these are with the application form below.

Access to the docks to ply for hire is restricted to those Southampton hackney carriages with permits issued by the licensing team on behalf of ABP. All payments should be made to Southampton City Council via the licensing office at the Civic Centre. These arrangements extend to cover Town Quay. If you have any questions about the docks permit system not answered in the document below, please contact the licensing team on 023 8083 3002.

Application form, note about ABP Docks permit application and guidance

In April 2010, ABP expressed concerns about the standard of dress of some of the licensed drivers working in the docks. All drivers plying for hire in the docks area are reminded of the need to comply with ABP's permit conditions:

"... drivers will wear appropriate, respectable and clean clothing. Appropriate clothing will include:

  • Smart casual trousers, including, at times tailored shorts
  • A short or long sleeved shirt, with collar
  • Appropriate and safe footwear.

The following are deemed not to be appropriate:

  • Jeans, jogging suits / pants;
  • T shirts and reproduction sports shirts and shorts, flip flops and sandals."


ABP have reviewed the taxi marshalling scheme and are proposing to increase the charge for a permit but to remove the £1.00 payment for each passenger pickup at a marshalled rank with effect from 1 April 2017. No permits will be issued after 1 December 2016, but permits issued before this date will be honoured pending the commencement of the new scheme.

Updated 01/12/2016.

ABP Port rules from November 2016

Associated British Ports have issued updated Port Rules for persons present on ABP property. Please note that these rules are complementary to the rules for Docks Permits and the Southampton Harbour Byelaws 2003


City Cruise Terminal

Please note that with effect from 17 January 2012, ABP has reversed the flow of traffic on the taxi rank at the City Cruise Terminal, 101 Berth in the Western Docks.


Town Quay

ABP's Town Quay management implemented changes to the arrangements for hackney carriages and private hire vehicles on Town Quay with effect from 1 July 2009. Please see the following for further information:


Restrictions on Docks Access Prior to Ship Arrival

Please note that for security reasons, ABP will not allow licensed vehicles into the docks more than 45 minutes prior to the arrival of a ship. Vehicles will not be allowed to congregate at the dock entrances prior to this time.