Clarification on matters discussed at trade consultation meeting held on 2/10/19

We are aware of some messages about medicals and credit card machines have been circulated after the trade consultation meeting on 2 October 2019. The consultation meeting is NOT A DECISION MAKING MEETING. The following is the current position on matters discussed at the meeting.

There is no decision to require credit card machines in the docks. ABP will be approached for their view before any decision is made.

Downside rank – There are early proposals on alterations to the downside. This included a rank for nine spaces. This is not in addition to the current rank. Representations have been made that this is unlikely to be sufficient. We anticipate further discussions on this matter and the trade will be asked for their views and input. These are early proposals from a developer.

Medicals – There is no change to the medicals at this point, however Licensing are looking at all options including a dedicated Dr or surgery.

Boat Show Rank – We will approach Boat Show organisers to seek a suitable location for a rank.

To repeat there has not been any decisions made as a result of the meeting, each of the above items will take time to work though and we will keep you informed.