New door sticker conditions explained

On 14 June 2023 the Licensing Committee approved new conditions that introduced a new door sticker design. This design does not include an operator name. This means that a Southampton Licensed Vehicle displaying this sticker may carry out bookings for any Southampton Licensed Operator it wishes, provided it does not have additional advertising with an operator name on it. The changes come into force when new licences are issued after that day.


I want the stickers on straight away but don’t renew my licence for a few months. Can I do this? SHOW

I like my current stickers and am happy to leave them on. Do I have to change? SHOW

Can I remove my stickers now you have made the changes? SHOW

Can I apply the stickers anywhere on the car? SHOW

I still want to display an operator name. Can I do this? SHOW

I wish to advertise two operators. Can I do this? SHOW

Now I work for two operators, can I cancel an accepted job in favour of a better one? SHOW

Where can I obtain the new signage? SHOW