Key strategies, plans and policies

Our strategies, plans and policies shape the way we deliver and improve services.

The Southampton City Council Corporate Plan (2022-2030) is a key document and sets out the four key outcomes that make up our vision.

We have developed the 2024 update of the Corporate Plan to reflect our changing circumstances as a council and a city.

The Southampton City Strategy (2015-2025) is a partnership strategy which sets out the vision for the whole city: 'Southampton a city of opportunity where everyone thrives'.

Other key council strategies

Council and City Strategies are supported by a range of strategies, policies and plans. The key strategies are:

Strategies and plans currently not online will be made available as soon as possible

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Business in Southampton

The GROW portal is designed to provide a single, unified portal to the information you need about Southampton City Council business services and support and our city.

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Grow in Southampton

The new GROW web portal houses information about apprenticeships and other opportunities.