Southampton byelaws

Southampton Byelaws in chronological order.

The earliest byelaw to remain in force is the 1850 Byelaw and Ordinances for the Good Rule and Government of the Borough of Southampton.

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List of changes to Southampton byelawspdf206.6 KB
Byelaw 00 - Byelaw and Ordinances for the Good Rule and Government of the Borough of Southampton 1850pdf306.5 KB
Byelaw 01 - Common Lodging Houses 1894pdf447.5 KB
Byelaw 02 - Street Betting 1899pdf86.7 KB
Byelaw 03 - Music in the Streets 1899pdf81.7 KB
Byelaw 04 - The leaving of glass, etc on highways 1900pdf71.9 KB
Byelaw 05 - Street cries 1900pdf85.8 KB
Byelaw 06 - Management, Use, and Regulation of St Michael's House 1901pdf128.9 KB
Byelaw 07 - Determining the duties of the Superintendent of St Michael's House 1902pdf162.8 KB
Byelaw 08 - Dairies, cowsheds and milkshops 1902pdf248.1 KB
Byelaw 09 - Fighting in a street or public place 1903pdf59.6 KB
Byelaw 10 - Tents, vans, sheds and similar structures (used for human habitation) 1906pdf272.7 KB
Byelaw 11 - The distribution of handbills 1907pdf75.0 KB
Byelaw 12 - The prevention of nuisances (dust, etc., and animals) 1908pdf298.3 KB
Byelaw 13 - Registries for female domestic servants 1910pdf156.6 KB
Byelaw 14 - Spitting in public places 1913pdf59.9 KB
Byelaw 15 - Disorderly conduct on Public Elementary School Premises 1913pdf63.2 KB
Byelaw 16 - Advertising Vehicles 1913pdf71.4 KB
Byelaw 17 - Slaughter Houses 1916pdf435.1 KB
Byelaw 18 - Means of escape in case of fire 1917pdf171.8 KB
Byelaw 19 - Removal of house refuse 1918pdf79.2 KB
Byelaw 20 - New streets and buildings 1925pdf3.2 MB
Byelaw 21 - Maternity Homes 1927pdf187.7 KB
Byelaw 22 - Management of Hollybrook Cemetery and St Mary Extra Cemetery 1928pdf164.4 KB
Byelaw 23 - Prevention of nuisances (musical organs) 1935pdf66.6 KB
Byelaw 24 - Prevention of nuisances (roller skating) 1936pdf53.8 KB
Byelaw 25 - Offensive Trades 1937pdf585.0 KB
Byelaw 26 - Hairdresser or barber premises 1938pdf443.7 KB
Byelaw 27 - Charges for the use of cemeteries 1941pdf78.7 KB
Byelaw 28 - Amendments re St Mary Extra and South Stoneham cemeteries 1941pdf66.7 KB
Byelaw 29 - Prevention of nuisances (contraceptives) 1950pdf66.7 KB
Byelaw 30 - Handling, wrapping and delivery of food 1950pdf532.7 KB
Byelaw 31 - Deposit of litter, urinating, and noisy animals 1955pdf390.4 KB
Byelaw 32 - Parking places on highways 1957pdf580.2 KB
Byelaw 33 - Baths, washhouses, swimming baths, and bathing places 1958pdf78.5 KB
Byelaw 34 - Discharge of fireworks and stink bombs in places of public entertainment 1959pdf66.5 KB
Byelaw 35 - Parking places off the Highway 1960pdf761.5 KB
Byelaw 36 - Unruly conduct in places of public entertainment 1960pdf73.3 KB
Byelaw 37 - The sale of coal, coke, etc. 1963pdf681.0 KB
Byelaw 38 - Public libraries 1965pdf1.5 MB
Byelaw 39 - The sale of wood fuelpdf160.4 KB
Byelaw 40 - Carrying of mud, etc. on to the highway 1966pdf402.3 KB
Byelaw 41 - Pleasure grounds (inc. Golf Course) 1967pdf715.2 KB
Byelaw 42 - Employment of children and street trading by persons under 18 1969pdf514.6 KB
Byelaw 43 - Hackney Carriages and Motor Vehicles Let for Hire 1970pdf63.4 KB
Byelaw 44 - The Lawn Road Recreation Ground 1970pdf111.8 KB
Byelaw 45 - Bassett Green 1971pdf125.3 KB
Byelaw 46 - Nursing Homes 1971pdf167.9 KB
Byelaw 47 - Employment of Children 1973pdf97.8 KB
Byelaw 48 - Prevention and suppression of nuisances (noise, amplifiers etc) 1975pdf104.1 KB
Byelaw 49 - Prevention of nuisances (dog fouling) 1976pdf84.6 KB
Byelaw 50 - Weston Common 1976pdf293.1 KB
Byelaw 51 - Avenue Subway 1977pdf99.8 KB
Byelaw 52 - Prevention of nuisances (roller skating and skateboards) 1978pdf63.1 KB
Byelaw 53 - Children's play areas 1978pdf84.8 KB
Byelaw 54 - Hackney Carriage Stands 1979pdf135.9 KB
Byelaw 55 - Hackney Carriage Fares 1979pdf104.6 KB
Byelaw 56 - Pleasure Grounds 1981pdf90.9 KB
Byelaw 57 - Hackney Carriage Stands 1982pdf132.6 KB
Byelaw 61 - Pleasure Grounds (Cycle Provisions) 1985pdf80.3 KB
Byelaw 62 - Hackney Carriage Stands 1986pdf124.6 KB
Byelaw 63 - Pleasure Grounds (Cycle Provisions) 1986pdf98.4 KB
Byelaw 64 - Weston Common Amenity Area Sholing (amendment) 1986pdf69.9 KB
Byelaw 65 - Hairdressers and Barbers 1987pdf160.2 KB
Byelaw 66 - Employment of Children 1998pdf258.6 KB
Child employment byelawspdf184.1 KB
The business of Acupuncture, Electrolysis, Tattooing, Cosmetic Piercing and Semi-permanent Skin Colouring 2006pdf1.2 MB