Where to get help

It is our aim to assist you to live as independently as possible. In order to make this happen we provide a range of services for adult residents with long and short term health and care needs.

Together with the clinical commissioning group, the NHS and voluntary organisations, we work to make sure that you have access to the services that you need.

We also offer advice and support to carers and relatives of people needing or receiving our services.

Below are some details of the services that are available to you along with guidance on assessing your individual needs.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a great option for anyone who can manage their day-to-day activities but struggles to get out to the shops.

We can help find you a food service that delivers all of your meals straight to your door.

City Catering Southampton act as agent of Southampton City Council in the operation of a Meals on Wheels service, supplying nutritional meals to residents throughout Southampton.

They offer a wide variety of tasty dishes for you to choose from and cater for a range of dietary requirements. For more information, please visit the City Care Meals on Wheels website.


CAREline is an alarm system to help reassure you that you are safe in your own home. This will mean that in emergency situations, help is never far away.

CAREline consists of an alarm in your home and a pendant that can be worn around the house. This equipment connects to a local monitoring and responding team that make sure you get help when an alarm is raised.

This means that if you trip or take a fall in your own home, the CAREline team will be able to send help as soon as you press your alarm. This help is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

For further information about CAREline systems, please feel free to look at our CAREline pages.

Extra Care Housing

The Extra Care schemes in Southampton are able to provide you with the security and privacy of your own home alongside a range of facilities and support on the premises, with 24 hour care provision if you require it.

For more information about this service, you can view our Extra Care Housing page.

Charities and Business Services

There are a number of charity organisations and businesses that can help you remain independent in your own home, as well as providing the care you might need.

You can find an extensive list of all the charity services and businesses, as well as what they can offer you on the Southampton Information Directory website.

These services range from helping you clean your home, to assistance for the deaf, to a full nursing service so it is very likely you will be able to find a service that will be beneficial to you.

Community resources

We run a number of community support groups that may be able to help you.

Community support groups are a great way for you to stay active in your local area and meet new people.

You can find out more information about the community support groups that are in action in your area on the community support pages.

Adult Social Care

We provide a full adult social care package to keep you independent in your home. For further information about this, please take a look at our Social Care Information pages.

Further information

For information about respite care and help in your own home please feel free to look at the relevant pages.