A guide to the Housing Register points based system

We will allocate points to you and inform you of the size and type of property you are eligible for.

Main points are given for

  • Assessed medical/welfare/social need to move
  • Living in at least 1 of the defined poor housing conditions
  • Homeless (as assessed by the Homelessness Unit)
  • In order to award you the additional points you must meet the main preference groups above 

Additional points are given for

  • Applicants with a proven link to Southampton
  • Existing city council tenants
  • Second household members with a medical/welfare need to move
  • Living in 2 or more of the defined poor housing conditions

Exceptional points are given for

  • Under occupying city council tenants
  • Management transfers (4 month period only)
  • Short term points (4 month period only) urgent medical/welfare grounds, homeless in temporary accommodation
  • People with an assessed social need to move to a particular area to avoid poverty

Housing Allocations (Lettings) Policy