Fire doors

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Southampton City Council fire doors

To date, the council has replaced 5,000 flat front doors and around 3,000 communal doors across the city. Over £16 million has been spent on replacing the fire doors.

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Fire door safety do's and don'ts

  • Do – report faulty fire door
  • Do – close your bedroom and kitchen doors at night
  • Don’t – damage your front fire door or allow anyone to drill through the doorframe to fit service cables
  • Don't remove or alter door closures
  • Don't wedge or force the door to stay open – this includes flat entry doors and any communal/cross-corridor fire doors
  • Don't stick any materials to the door or it’s frame
  • Don't drill or allow anyone to drill through the door or frame for any reason (such as installing internet/tv cables, telephone wires or door bells etc)
  • Don't paint over any smoke seals or strips in the door or frame when decorating your home

Find more information on the do's and don'ts of fire safety.

We have also created some Frequently Asked Questions about fire safety.