Garages and parking

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Renting a garage or parking space

In some areas there may be garages and parking spaces which can be rented out to residents for a separate weekly charge. There is usually a waiting list for these.

If you do wish to rent a garage or parking space you will need to prove that you own the vehicle, that it is registered to your address and that you have the right insurance for it. Contact your Local Housing Office for more information on how to apply for this facility.


There is no guarantee you will be able to have an allocated parking space when you sign up for your tenancy so please don’t assume there will be somewhere for you to park when you move into your new home.

Parking is often very limited so we ask all tenants to be considerate of their neighbours. Unless you have a designated parking space, or there is a permit system in place then parking in the car parks available is on a first come first served basis. Please park in designated areas only.

Do not park on grassed areas or verges.

If you are expecting visitors be sure to explain to them the arrangements for parking.

Under some circumstances vehicles may be reported as abandoned. The council will investigate and remove the vehicle as appropriate.

Parking permit zones

In some areas a parking permit scheme may operate.