Barbecues (BBQs) in parks

Barbecues (BBQs) are currently permitted in our parks and open space, although this is subject to change at short notice. Please check park notices for local information.

To ensure your barbecue does not damage the park, cause inconvenience to other park users, or harm the wildlife, please observe the following guidelines.

Please make sure that you:

  • Raise the barbecue off the ground to prevent damage to the grass 
  • Place your barbecue on a hard surface area, such as the concrete surrounds of park benches, gravelled area, drain covers, old foundations etc. Some of the tables in Hoglands Park have a steel plate especially for barbecues
  • Take some water to douse the barbecue after use – do not tip ashes into ponds ditches or streams where it will pollute the water and be harmful to wildlife 
  • Make sure the barbecue is well doused and cooled before disposing of in the bin. If the barbecue is still warm, place it on the hard surface next to the bin
  • Put all waste, especially food waste, in the bin to keep the park clean and prevent attracting rats and other scavengers
  • Respect that other park users may not enjoy the smell or smoke from your barbecue

Please make sure that you do not:

  • Place the barbecue on benches or park furniture unless they have a steel barbecue plate
  • Add wood to the barbecue to make a fire. Fires are against the parks bylaws and can be very dangerous and damaging
  • Leave hot trays where children and pets can access them
  • Damage the ground by erecting windbreaks, parasols etc.