City Centre Characterisation Appraisal

A Characterisation Appraisal to inform the City Centre Action Plan (CCAP) has been completed. This forms an important part of the evidence base for the Local Development Framework (LDF). Southampton City Centre Action Plan area is large and diverse in character. The purpose of doing a characterisation appraisal is to provide a sensible overview of the resource.

The study will help provide the basis for judging the capacity of the city to accommodate change, ensuring that development is ‘locally distinctive’ and informing the emerging CCAP (LDF) document and related policies, respond to the requirements of PPS1 in the city centre by ensuring that the council are able to prepare policies on design, based on a clear understanding and evaluation of the city’s present defining characteristics.

The study will also aid us to assess whether design fails to take the opportunities available for improving the character and quality of an area including providing a background for development control decisions. It will provide the baseline character analysis that will enable progressive enhancement of the existing city centre and its conservation areas. 

The document has been divided into the 43 character areas. The maps within the character area sections should be viewed alongside the key (see bottom of page).

If you would like further information please contact the Planning Policy Team.

Document Type Size
Front cover and contentpdf389.3 KB
Introductionpdf1.9 MB
Introduction, methods and CCAPpdf1.9 MB
Keypdf380.6 KB
Legend Keypdf144.7 KB
CA01 Station Heightspdf1.5 MB
CA02 Grosvenor Squarepdf1.5 MB
CA03 Bedford Placepdf1.6 MB
CA04 Carlton Courtpdf1.6 MB
CA05 London Roadpdf1.5 MB
CA06 Bellevuepdf1.5 MB
CA07 Central Parkspdf1.8 MB
CA08 Civic Centrepdf1.2 MB
CA09 Above Barpdf1.2 MB
CA10 Bargate Environspdf1.4 MB
CA11 West Gatepdf1.6 MB
CA12 High Street Northpdf1.3 MB
CA13 High Street Southpdf1.5 MB
CA14 East Streetpdf1.3 MB
CA15 Back of the wallspdf1.4 MB
CA16 Holyrood Estatepdf1.5 MB
CA17 Queenswaypdf1.4 MB
CA18 Queens Parkpdf1.3 MB
CA19 Oxford Streetpdf1.4 MB
CA20 Duke Streetpdf1.5 MB
CA21 Captain Placepdf1.4 MB
CA22 Royal Crescentpdf1.2 MB
CA23 Canute Roadpdf1.3 MB
CA24 Chapelpdf1.3 MB
CA25 Maryfieldpdf1.5 MB
CA26 Evanspdf1.3 MB
CA27 Southampton City Collegepdf1.4 MB
CA28 Golden Grove Estatepdf1.3 MB
CS29 St Mary Streetpdf1.4 MB
CS30 Old Northam Roadpdf1.3 MB
CS31 Kingsland Estatepdf1.3 MB
CS32 Solent Universitypdf1.4 MB
CS33 West Quaypdf1.4 MB
CS34 Western Dockspdf1.0 MB
CS35 Mayflower Parkpdf1.2 MB
CS36 Eastern Dockspdf1.2 MB
CA37 Ocean Village Commercialpdf1.1 MB
CA38 Ocean Villagepdf1.2 MB
CA39 Canute Roadpdf1.2 MB
CA40 Crosshousepdf1.4 MB
CA41 Itchen Shore - working wharfspdf1.0 MB
CA42 Itchen Shore - modernpdf1.0 MB
CA43 St Mary's Stadiumpdf1.1 MB

Peripheral areas

Document Type Size
PA01 Docks and Freemantlepdf75.5 KB
PA02 Freemantle and Shirleypdf76.5 KB
PA03 Hill Lanepdf87.7 KB
PA04 Polygonpdf87.1 KB
PA05 Fitzhughpdf179.1 KB
PA06 The Avenuepdf91.1 KB
PA07 St Mary's Roadpdf86.6 KB
PA08 Newtonpdf78.9 KB
PA09 Northampdf91.9 KB
PA10 Northam Belviderepdf72.8 KB
PA11 Millbankpdf70.6 KB