Development Design Guide (SPG)

The Development Design Guide (DDG) was approved in February 2004. The document is adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) to policy MSA 1 of the Local Plan Review. As such it will act as a material consideration for development control purposes, and guide development within Southampton city centre over the period of the Local Plan Review.

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01 Introductionpdf792.6 KB
02 Character and Contextpdf1.0 MB
03 Continuity and Enclosurepdf893.0 KB
04 Ease of Movementpdf1.1 MB
05 Public Realm Qualitypdf959.0 KB
06 Diversity and Choicepdf990.2 KB
07 Legibilitypdf1.1 MB
08 Adaptabilitypdf570.5 KB
09 Detailed Design of Buildingspdf1.1 MB
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