Parking Standards SPD

Southampton City Council have adopted a Parking Standards Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for the area outside of the City Centre Action Plan. The purpose of this SPD is to provide more detail on how the council will apply the contents of existing Core Strategy policy CS19 (Car & Cycle Parking) and other policies in the determination of planning applications for residential and non-residential developments.

This SPD sets out new requirements and recommendations regarding the amount and design of vehicle and cycle parking at new developments. The SPD will generally relax the maximum parking that developers may provide compared to the existing parking standards, and will include more detailed requirements and guidance regarding parking design than the existing standards. It will also set out new requirements and recommendations for travel plans.

Public consultation on the draft of this SPD by the public and all stakeholders took place between July 11 and 19 August 2011, as part of the council's consultation prior to adoption of the final SPD.

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Parking Standards SPD final adopted version 2011pdf2.0 MB
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