Old Town Development Strategy (SPG)

The Old Town Development Strategy is a Supplementary Plan for the Old Town area of the city centre. The Southampton City Centre Urban Design Strategy (CCUDS), adopted in November 2000, identified the need for urban design frameworks for the seven identified character areas. It sets out urban design principles and a framework to reinforce the Old Town's special character, developing a sense of place and re-connecting the Old Town with the waterfront to ensure that the Old Town continues to evolve as an integral part of Southampton's role as a successful international city.

The document is an important component of the future development and renaissance of the city centre. It identifies key development sites and urban design principles for their redevelopment putting them in the context of the North South Spine, City Plaza and other major developments taking place on the edge of the Old Town.

The strategy gives guidance to developers and those involved in the development process, including city residents, and will help to transform the Old Town into a vibrant quarter at the heart of Southampton based on its own unique historic identity.

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