Top up or view your Itchen Bridge account

Southampton City Council has recently upgraded the server at the Itchen Bridge Toll Plaza. Customers who use the SmartCities card for Itchen Bridge crossings should be aware that prior to the new server being installed, there was a short period where transactions were not being deducted from SmartCities Itchen Bridge accounts. Once the server had been installed, these transactions were then deducted from all accounts.

We are aware that some customers may not have realised this and subsequently found that they had a negative balance on their accounts. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you, but would like to reassure you that these transactions have taken place. Please check your Transaction and Payment History on your Itchen Bridge account in first instance.

Itchen Bridge at sunset - Jools Gowans

SmartCities card holders will receive a low balance warning message at the bridge when there are 8 or fewer crossings left on your SmartCities card. Use the 'Quick top-up' option to quickly add money to your account.

IMPORTANT: Itchen Bridge quick top-ups must be made as a single payment. Please do not add other payments such as Council Tax. Your card must be registered for 3D Secure for the payment to be successful.

Quick top-up

Choose 'View your account details and top up' to log into your SmartCities card account to view your balance, crossings and top-up.

View your account details and top-up

You can also add funds to your account

  • By telephone: 023 8083 3008 (Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm)
  • In the cash office in Gateway at One Guildhall Square

Funds should reach your account in 15 minutes.

Having trouble logging in? Read through our downloadable troubleshooting guide for help with accessing your Itchen Bridge account details

For further assistance please email: