Biodiversity for schools

Hedgehog boxes

A hedgehog box surrounded by some plants and branches

The hedgehog nest boxes have now found their owners and are going to be delivered to the successful schools who applied for them over the coming months.

Enhance your school grounds and building for wildlife by creating opportunities for animals such as birds, bats, amphibians, reptiles and insects. We have provided some useful links for you below.

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Action plan

A good place to start for schools is to know what you currently have, in terms of habitats and species. Then come up with a plan to enhance it – see an example:

Biodiversity action plan.

Bat walks

Look out for this opportunity in the future!

More promotion and event information to come.


Several children celebrating

Congratulations to the following schools for installing their Hedgehog box, creating gaps for hedgehogs and agreeing to manage their grounds in a friendly way for hedgehogs:

  • Bitterne Park Primary School
  • Foundry Lane Primary School
  • Freemantle CE Community Academy
  • Glenfield Infant School
  • Hollybrook Infant School
  • Hollybrook Junior School
  • Ludlow Junior School
  • Moorlands Primary School
  • St Anne’s Catholic School
  • St Mary's Primary School
  • Shirley Infant School
  • Shirley Warren Primary and Nursery School
  • Swaythling Primary School

Congratulations to the following schools for installing swift boxes:

  • Foundry Lane Primary
  • Kanes Hill Primary, who have installed a swift call system to encourage the birds to come and investigate the boxes!
  • Redbridge Community School
  • Regents Park Community College
  • St John's Primary and Nursery School
  • Shirley Infant School
  • Shirley Junior School
  • Swaythling Primary School

Calendar of events

Check back later for further information specific to biodiversity for schools.

You can also see the full calendar of events.

Further information

Read about the clean air schools project.