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According to the latest Active Lives Survey of children and young people, nationally over half of children and young people (3.4 million) are not meeting the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day.

Percentage of children meeting the physical activity guidelines Southampton England average
Children and young people currently meeting the current CMO guidelines for sport and physical activity 38.8% 47.2%
Children and young people ‘fairly active’ doing an average of 30-59 minutes per day of physical activity 25% 22.7%
Children and young people currently inactive, doing less than an average of 30 minutes physical activity per day 36.1% 30.1%

Government guidelines set out that children and young people should get 30 minutes of their daily physical activity through the school day and 30 minutes outside of school. Use the following resources to help them get enough physical activity through the school day:

Active classroom resources

Check out EnergiseMe for a comprehensive list of resources.

Here are some good examples:

  • GoNoodle - online resources which support being active in school
  • Cosmic Kids - fun yoga and mindfulness
  • Moodboosters - fun curriculum linked resources to inspire being active (BBC)
  • Being active - PHE - Resources to promote physical activity throughout the day


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