Clean air schools project

Southampton City Council is working with local schools to improve the awareness of the impacts of pollution and reducing its impact in and around schools.

Schools which are most affected by pollution are being prioritised. However the project is open to be shared with any school in Southampton interested in taking part. The project is scheduled to start in term one of the 2023/24 term, with the introduction assemblies to start in September/October.

Airly monitoring station. Showing levels of air quality with 0 indicating very low pollution. "Download the Airly app and breathe consciously. #LetSchoolsBreathe"

The Clean Air project will consist of providing schools with an engagement pack. This will provide three lesson plans (one being an outside fieldwork activity in the school grounds), introduction assembly material, traffic count workbook, campaign ideas, action plans and more.

The project will also enhance air quality monitoring providing the top 20 schools with a free air quality sensor or diffusion tube. This will lead onto creating clean air routes to school maps to reduce the students exposure to air pollution. 

At the end of the project offering of a Clean Air Delivery fund to empower schools to deliver projects they have identified could reduce the impact of poor air quality. These may include things like green walls, cycle storage, air quality monitoring and applying for infrastructure changes.

Air monitor on a tree

To view air quality data in the city and around your school please use the MyAirly air quality map.

Benefits of the project 

Why be a part of the project?

  • Improving awareness of the air quality challenge in Southampton and near the school
  • Reduce the impact of pollution on students
  • Reducing pollution in the local area for the benefit of other residents
  • Contributing towards student personal development
  • Linking with other schemes and accreditations including MyJourney and Eco schools

The project will also help schools receive accreditations for:

  • Modeshift Stars award - helped by My Journey
  • Eco-Schools award - helped by Healthy Schools

For more information please view the overview and email the Sustainable Schools Officer.


Several children celebrating

Congratulations to the following schools for installing their Airly Air Quality Sensor:

  • St Anne’s Catholic School
  • St Mary's C of E Primary School
  • St Johns Primary School
  • Redbridge Primary School
  • Basset Green Primary School
  • Redbridge Community School
  • Banister Primary School

Calendar of events

See the calendar of events.

Further information

Read about biodiversity for schools.