Building safety group

The group is made up of representatives from different tenant engagement panels. It helps to influence and challenge building health and safety policies and practices. This ensures tenants are safe and that we meet the legal requirements for residents’ safety.

This group gives members the opportunity to raise any concerns and questions on behalf of other tenants.

The panel meets every three months. Meetings last for 90 minutes.

Draft Building Safety Resident Engagement Strategy

Southampton City Council manages building safety in council-owned residential buildings. Building safety refers to the measures that are in place to protect tenants in buildings. Building safety measures reduce and mitigate risks, such as the spreading of a fire, structural failures and gas and electric hazards. The building safety measures aim to reduce the seriousness of an incident if one occurs.

As residents, and leaseholders in council-owned buildings, you have a say in building safety decisions. This strategy sets out how we will involve you in building safety decisions; this strategy is for you if you are a resident or leaseholder of a council-owned residential flat or maisonette.

View the Draft Building Safety Resident Engagement Strategy.

View the Building Safety Tenant Group terms of reference as a document or below:

The Building Safety Tenant Group (BSTG) terms of reference

Group to review

  • Fire risk assessments (FRAs), city-wide overview: The overview provides a summary of the key issues identified in the city by the FRAs. This overview details recommendations and outstanding actions. (Flats)
  • Water quality assessments: Summary of city-wide water test results on flats
  • Gas safety tests: Summary of city wide gas servicing activity on properties with gas appliances
  • Results of checks on electrics in communal areas: Required to be undertaken every five years
  • Results of electrical checks on all properties: Required every 10 years

This is not a forum to raise personal issues unless this issue affects a large number of tenants in the city


meetings are held every three months.


Two members from TRG, TSP, TRG, Tenant Inspectors, one rep from SHF and a TA and a further five places to be available to any tenant interested in building safety.


To cover FRAs, water quality assessments, electrical assessments, and the role of the fire service.

Possible issues for the group to be involved in

  • Building Safety Tenant Engagement Strategy
  • Developing the role of tenant Building Safety Monitors