Tenant associations

If you are interested in joining a Tenant and Resident’s Association you can click on our interactive map to see if there is a Tenant and Resident Association in your area. However there is no need to worry if you cannot find a local group, just give us a call and we will give you all the support you need to start one.

  • Castle House Tenants & Residents Association

The group works on behalf of the Castle House tenants.

  • Itchen Estate Tenants' Association

This group covers Ailsa Lane, Defender Road, Defender Walk, Hill Street, 2-20 Peartree Road, Tankerville Road, and Wharncliffe Road. This group was set up in October 2022 and is keen to help improve the community for all. The group is currently focusing on traffic calming measures and increasing the activities for young people, particularly community gardening.

  • PRADOS Tenants’ Association

The group works on behalf of tenants in Bellamy Court, Griffin Court, Ingram Court, Pettinger Gardens and Jannaway Gardens.

Some of the group worked to improve the hedges by the railway by cutting them back, cleared out the guttering at Bellamy Court, got a sensory light installed at Bellamy Court entrance, have sorted an ongoing issue with the bin collection and the new bin collection process agreed, parking lines refreshed.

The group took part in the St Denys perception survey.

The group held a very successful “Race Night” on 28 February 2020.

  • 46 Roundhill Community Voice

This is a new association covering 46 Roundhill Close. The residents are keen to work with the council to address some of the ongoing issues with the new building as well as build up community spirit and encourage all residents to get involved. They can be contacted at Roundhill46CommunityVoice@outlook.com

  • Sarnia Court Tenants' Association

The group works on behalf of the Sarnia Court tenants.

Contact Tenant Engagement for more information about any of the groups: 023 8083 3185, email: tenant.engagement@southampton.gov.uk