Supported housing forum

If you live in supported housing in Southampton and would like to have a say in the policies and procedures affecting supported housing tenants, then come along to the supported housing forum.

The forum is a group of likeminded supported housing tenants who come together to discuss housing issues in a lively and friendly atmosphere.

Meetings regularly feature invited guests giving presentations on a whole host of issues affecting supported housing in Southampton as well as more general issues affecting the lives of older people.

The list of the issues the group got involved in over the last year:

  • The forum suggested the improvements to the online repairs reporting system
  • Advice on home safety
  • The forum suggested the improvement to disposal of unwanted house items in vacant properties
  • Suggesting changes to improve communication
  • Raised questions about vacant properties
  • The forum has made an ongoing contribution in keeping supported housing tenants informed; for instance:
    • New tenants’ satisfaction measures explained
    • Clarified what support can they expect from their housing support workers
    • Housing adaptations process explained
    • Neighbourhood wardens’ service explained
    • Produced an information sheet and a leaflet explaining when they should/should not pull a cord
    • Changes to the emergency call system explained
    • Talked about Fire safety improvements
    • Raised the issues of water and heating bills
    • Questioned policies relating to supported housing
    • Produced an information sheet explaining about 60+ benefits entitlements and support they are eligible for if they need extra care
  • Forum takes part in numerous consultations and policy updates - for instance:
    • Involved in the housing domestic abuse policy update
    • NHS Insights Prioritisation Programme (NIPP) consultation to understand how to shape our health and social care services to best meet the needs of older people with use of new technology
  • Improved neighbourhoods
  • Lobbying council for the solutions for the mobility scooters and for the electricity chargers for cars – and making the issues visible and talked about by the Housing Service
  • Encouragement to one another to lead healthier lives especially during COVID-19

When do we meet: Meetings take place at Challis Court between 2-4pm on the last Tuesday of every other month (January, March, May, July, September and November).

How to join the supported housing forum

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