Tenant repairs panel

All tenants have to call on our repairs service from time to time and expect the best service possible. We need your help to ensure we are delivering that service in a world with ever changing priorities.

The tenant repairs panel are a group of tenants who work closely with the council looking at all aspects of the housing repairs service.

If you have ideas of how to improve the repairs service that tenants receive, then this could be the group for you.

In their bi-monthly meetings over the last few months the Repairs Panel have:

  • Suggested changes for the “moving-in” standards, to improve the experience for new tenants moving into their homes
  • Have worked with the council to improve the online repairs reporting form
  • Have reviewed the performance figures for repairs and challenged managers to improve, where appropriate
  • Have contributed ideas to improve the new decorating packs for tenants moving into properties

The group currently meet for two hours six times a year. If you are interested in joining, then get involved.

How to join the repairs panel

You can fill in the form to let us know you would like to join the panel:


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Join the repairs panel

If you need further information, contact the Tenant Engagement team by: