Senior Bus Passenger

Residents of Southampton who are of pensionable age can apply for their English National concessionary bus pass on a SmartCities card. This will entitle them to free bus travel during off peak times

Completing the online form*

If you are applying for a SmartCities card for the first time, you will need to include a photograph when completing the electronic application form. Bitterne and Central libraries have a webcam to help you complete your electronic application. Providing a new photograph when renewing your bus pass is optional.

We will do an automated check to confirm your identity and eligibility for a concessionary bus pass.

Renew or apply for a senior citizen bus pass

Terms and conditions/privacy for SmartCities

*Please note:

The online site is unable to process applications for renewals when the previously issued bus pass has expired or for cards with the following services:

  • The Disabled Person's Concession for the Itchen Bridge
  • The companion bus pass
  • Severely sight impaired person’s bus pass

Please see travel for disabled people page.

Applications can also be made by downloading the paper application form for first time applications or a bus pass renewal form. These are also available in Southampton City Council libraries, where applications are made or in Gateway at One Guildhall Square.

The paper application form gives information for all services and documents required.

Terms and conditions/privacy for SmartCities

Please note that bus ticket machines in Southampton will register if a concessionary travel pass is not valid for travel, and will give an alarm signal. Please make sure that you use your latest issued pass which is still in date. Passes which have been reported lost or stolen and replaced are no longer valid.