Pavement licences

How do the Pavement Licences work?

Dining outside is a brilliant way to increase your appeal to the public. Pavement licences introduced by the Government make it easier for the hospitality sector to create outdoor dining space. The application process has been simplified, turnaround time accelerated and licence fees reduced to just £100. They have been extended and are now valid until 30 September 2022. 

Please note, if you are an existing Pavement Licence holder, unfortunately these cannot be extended on, so a new application will need to be made.

What are the differences/similarities between Tables and Chairs consent and Pavement Licence Applications?

Businesses that can apply:

  • Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Cafes
  • Snack bars
  • Coffee shops
  • Ice cream parlours
  • Supermarkets or entertainment facilities which sell food & drink

What's the process and what happens?

As with all application processes, there are some legally required stages.


Pavement Licence application

Please complete our application form and submit the relevant background information, so it can be fully reviewed. Our team will also visit the site to review the suitability of the proposal and ensure its viability.

Please read the below guidance when applying:

  • Please indicate in 'Your Reference' whether it's a Pavement Licence or Tables and Chairs application
  • Submit a clear and legible highway plan with dimensions of the relevant area and showing a clear 1.8m space to allow pedestrians to pass any tables and chairs area
  • Please also show any nearby street furniture, cabinets, streetlighting. This should include clearly labelled smoking and non-smoking sections in 50% of the proposed area
  • Businesses must submit evidence of £5m public liability insurance, which covers the additional seating area
  • Submit the premises COVID secure risk assessment, which should include any outdoor seating areas
  • Details of any furniture proposed, so the type and number of any items and layout proposed. Read our pavement cafe guidance document
  • Specify that the purpose of the tables and chairs and other furniture will be to sell or consume food or drink
  • Specify the days of the week and the hours of each day that you intend to use the highway (pavement licences will only be granted for use between 8am and 11pm)
  • Specify the date of application

Conditions and requirements

Please carefully read our set of local conditions, which also include national conditions, ensuring accessibility for all and enabling a smoke free area within the tables and chairs area. These outline the requirements and responsibilities for an applicant as well as outlining the potential reasons permission can be revoked or enforcement action can be taken by the relevant city council departments.

Consultation and advertising application

The consultation and decision period for pavement licences are now 14 days overall.

Premises applying must display a notice of their application and a plan of the proposed area in clear view at the premises window, the day the application is submitted, with the consultation period running for seven days starting from the next working day after the application is made.

Notice of application form

Please amend to your own premise’s details, application details and plan.

The consultation process is the legally required means for the public and stakeholders to object where necessary to proposals.

Permission granted or declined

Once the consultation period is over, a seven-day decision period is started to allow for the review of any objections and a decision is made to either grant or refuse the request; the city council will notify the applicant as soon as possible after the 7-day consultation period of the outcome. Should no decision be made in that seven-day period, the licence is considered granted.

Current Applications listed below with links to plans:

Objections can be made by email:

Amendments form

Changes are nil cost.

Please email to: