Cemetery memorials

Hollybrook Cemetery

Placing a memorial on a grave

Cemetery memorials are a lasting symbol of remembrance. Our team can offer advice to ensure that all memorials are placed on graves safely and comply with regulations. Memorials can only be placed on purchased graves; if your grave is unpurchased, the Exclusive Rights of Burial would need to be purchased before a memorial can be erected.

To place a memorial on a grave, the owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial must obtain a permit issued by the Registrar for Bereavement Services. A permit fee will apply and the form can be obtained via your stonemason or Bereavement Services, Southampton Crematorium, Bassett Green Road, Southampton, SO16 3BQ.

Ordering and installing the memorial

It will take about a year for the ground to settle after a burial before you can erect a memorial.

Memorials can only be provided by approve stonemasons.

They will deal with the permit and installation of the memorial on your behalf.

No memorial shall be removed from the cemeteries without the permission of the grave owner and without the consent of the council.

Maintaining the memorial

All memorials are the sole responsibility of the grave owner, who must ensure the memorial is maintained.

We will periodically inspect the condition of memorials and any memorial classified as unsafe will be reported to the grave owner for them to arrange immediate repair.

Please keep your contact details up to date. If repair requests are not complied within three months, the council may remove the memorial..

The council has the power to remove any memorial, which they deem objectionable or of unauthorised type or size or which may have fallen into decay or is classified unsafe.


We strongly recommends all grave owners obtain appropriate memorial insurance and regularly maintain or check them for safety. The council will not be responsible for any damage, theft or vandalism or any other circumstances beyond its control.