On the day of the burial service

Hollybrook Cemetery 14

What to expect on the day of the burial service

Once you have arrived at the cemetery, the grave you are visiting will have been dug and the soil covered with artificial grass matting.

Our grounds staff will remain discreetly in the background (we won’t be part of the funeral party). Once your ceremony has taken place and all mourners have left, we will then start to fill the grave using the soil that is covered in the grass matting.

Once the ground is filled, we will then carefully place any floral tributes on top of the soil and temporarily mark the grave with the name of the deceased.

After the burial has taken place, the soil will naturally compress, which results in the burial mound reducing in size. In certain weather conditions this can be quite considerable.

Once the soil has settled you can ask for the soil to be levelled or your stonemason will arrange this when they place your memorial on the grave.