Plumbing problems

How to fix common plumbing problems

Keeping a few basic repair materials in your tool kit and knowing what to do in an emergency will prevent most situations from getting out of hand.

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If you have burst pipes causing flooding or a leak that can't be contained and is causing damage to the surrounding area, please call us.

Some repairs such as blockages and cracked basins and sinks may be charged because they are not caused by general wear and tear. Once you have reported the repair, an advisor will confirm if this is the case. If the damage was called by criminal damage and you have a crime reference number, you can provide this for the charge to be waived. Find out more on charges for repairs.

Some are repairs such as damaged sealants and replacing bath plugs are your responsibility. Find out more about your responsibilities as a tenant.

If you would still like to report a repair to us, the easiest and quickest way is to do this online.



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