Housing management

We manage tenancies and estates to create communities and neighbourhoods which people are proud of, and encourage tenant and leaseholder involvement. We will:

  • Provide you with a copy of your tenancy agreement, gas and or electrical certificates, as well as a link to your Tenants’ Handbook and other useful information
  • Carry out a settling in visit within six weeks of you starting your tenancy
  • Carry our periodic tenancy checks every five years
  • Treat antisocial behaviour seriously and deal with it in accordance with our policy and procedures
  • Work with tenants to sustain their tenancy
  • Ensure that your Neighbourhood Warden carries out regular inspection within walk-up, tower blocks and the neighbourhood
  • Clean walk up blocks every month and tower blocks every week. Respond to urgent cleans promptly
  • Cleaning supervisors will conduct a cleaning audit every six months to ensure the cleaning standard is met
  • Carry out cleaning satisfaction surveys in all are walk up and tower blocks
  • Invite you on all neighbourhood walks
  • Work with tenants and leaseholders to improve the neighbourhoods

Email: mytenancy@southampton.gov.uk