Nuisance trees

Nuisance trees

Work to trees causing a nuisance is prioritised to ensure that any dangerous trees are dealt with straight away.

We will not carry out work to any trees that:

  • are affecting television reception
  • are obstructing light
  • have fruit falling from them (including conkers)
  • are obstructing views
  • are overhanging into gardens or parking areas

It is important that you read the tree pruning guidance before carrying out any works to manage overhang to your property. Should you need help finding a tree surgeon we would suggest looking at the Arboricultural Association website.

If you are requesting works because a tree is overhanging a building you will need to upload a photo of this issue.

Request work to council trees

If you would like an update about an existing tree enquiry please complete the

Tree enquiry update form

The Council has a pollarding schedule for a number of trees across the city.

Other nuisance issues

  • Report council owned hedges overgrowing the road or footpath
  • Report privately owned trees or hedges overgrowing the road or footpath
  • Report suspected subsidence to a council property caused by trees
    We will investigate and determine the cause of any damage.
    If you are a private property owner concerned about suspected subsidence caused by trees contact your insurance company for advice.
  • Report a tree issue on railway land to Railways Community Relations or telephone 03457 11 41 41.
  • Ash dieback/Chalara has been confirmed in a small number of council sites across the city. The trees team will monitor the condition of these trees and will carry out health and safety works when needed. We have informed the Forestry Commission. If you think a tree on your property has the disease please report this to the Forestry Commission. You will need to monitor the condition of the tree and pruning or felling may be required if the tree becomes a threat to public safety. You may wish to contact a tree surgeon to assist with this. Disposal of infected ash leaf litter/ash trees must be carried out in the correct way. For information about Chalara and other diseases visit the Forestry Commission online.
  • Make private land ownership enquiries through the Land Registry. There is a fee for land searches.
  • It is the responsibility of the utility companies to maintain their infrastructure.  If you have an issue with your phone line contact your service provider.  To report an emergency with an overhead power line call SSE on 0800 0727 282.