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Green space is there for everyone to enjoy, where it is taken into private gardens it no longer serves as a public open space. We will pursue any person who encroaches onto green space and we will require the land to be returned to the same condition as before it was taken.

Dumping of garden waste is unsightly, introduces alien plants and as it rots down, enriches the soil changing the ecological balance. Dumping of garden waste is fly tipping and those responsible will be prosecuted.

Some properties have direct access to public green space. Wherever appropriate these will be licensed and will not be allowed to cause an encroachment.


Throughout the year many of the city’s green spaces serve as the perfect location for events and activities which are enjoyed by thousands of people. These spaces are able to accommodate events from small scale community festivals through to larger events such as music concerts.

Southampton Common and Mayflower Park are the most popular green spaces for events and to help you enjoy your visit here are details of events taking place in these areas throughout the year along with the impact the event.

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