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Seats and benches

Skateboarding, skating and non motorised scooters

You are allowed to skateboard, skate or use a non-motorised scooter on tarmac paths in green space but we ask that you respect other park users and slow down when passing. Remember pedestrians, motorised mobility vehicles and animals (pets and wildlife) have priority access along these routes. Please keep to the tarmac paths to prevent damage to the grass, shrub and flower beds

Specific skate and BMX parks have been provided at Hoglands Park, Daisy Dip, Hinkler Green, Riverside Park, Veracity Rec, the Sports Centre and Shirley Pond Recreation Ground. Each of the facilities has unique challenges so why not try them out?

Please do not grind on park benches, walls, monuments or other green space features as this damages them and can cost the public a lot of money to fix. If you are found grinding on features you run the risk of prosecution for criminal damage.

Sports clubs/trainers using parks for their business activities

If you wish to use our green space for business activities, such as sports clubs and professional training then you will need to register. There will be an annual fee to stay on the register and this will permit you to run your sports club or training on our green space. Those not registered will be excluded from using our green space and may face prosecution.

For further information on how to register please contact parks and open spaces.

The sales of ice creams and other light refreshments in our parks and open spaces is offered on a 5 year lease regulated by the @Supply Southampton' process. All tender opportunities are posted on the Supply Southampton portal.

Sports pitches - booking

Southampton has a variety of bookable and free pitches for various ball games across the city. To book sports pitches for a range of sports including tennis, hockey, netball, football, cricket and lacrosse please contact Active Nation on 023 8079 0693 or email sports.centre@activenation.org.uk