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Advertising banners, posters etc

Only banners and posters advertising or promoting public activities in the park, or relating to the park, are permitted.

Before displaying any banner or poster please contact the area manager* to approve your request and prevent removal. Any banner or poster causing damage to park feature, especially trees and other plants, or obscuring any park information, including interpretation boards or signs, will be removed

*Many park noticeboards are looked after by the park friends group. Please contact the relevant group if you wish to display a poster, advertising a park activity, on a noticeboard.

We do not allow any other advertising in our parks and any unauthorised material will be removed and disposed of.

After dark use

As a general principle we do not light our green spaces. Green spaces are often open, dark places and as such we expect you to take a sensible approach to using them. People walking at night should do so in pairs or more and avoid more quiet areas. Remember to take responsibility for your own safety.

Alcohol use

Green spaces are great places to get out into the open air and have a picnic. You are welcome to enjoy eating and drinking in green spaces, as long as you don't leave litter. However, there are laws in place that enable the Police to confiscate alcohol if it is being drunk in a public place in Southampton. A common sense approach to this is taken and will only affect those who are showing drunken or antisocial behaviour.

Antisocial behaviour

Everyone should be able to use our parks and green spaces without unnecessary disturbances by others.

Art in the parks

We encourage art in our parks and green spaces from temporary exhibitions to performance events. If you would like to host an exhibition or event in one of our open spaces please email events@southampton.gov.uk. We do not hire out space for private parties or events.