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Southampton's green spaces are not designed or suitable for use by horses or for horse riding. The majority of park users are pedestrians, many of whom are dog walkers and therefore it is not permitted to drive, lead or exercise a horse in our parks and green spaces.

It is also not permitted to ride a horse in green spaces except where a clearly marked bridleway exists. Bridleways are located in Cutbush Lane (between Townhill Way and Benhams Road); Lordswood Greenway (between Rownhams Lane and Coxford Road) and at the White Swan along Mansbridge Road, (but not in Riverside Park itself).

We do not permit the tethering of horses in green spaces. Any horse found tethered on green space will be impounded. If you have any information about a tethered horse then contact parks and open spaces.

There are some limited grazing fields, which the council rent out. Please contact our Valuers' Team on 023 8083 3002 for information on renting a grazing site.