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Memorial benches

Metal detectors

We don't allow the use of metal detectors, or other similar devices, in our parks and green spaces.

Digging disturbs natural habitats, areas of biodiversity, grass, trees, plants, animals, archaeological areas and sites of scientific interest and is therefore prohibited. You could be fined up to £20,000 for causing damage to a scheduled monument.

Model aircraft

You may fly battery operated aircraft at Lordshill Rec. However, the whole of Southampton comes under the flight path of the Airport and therefore if you intend to fly your aircraft higher than the tops of the local trees you will need to get permission from the airport.

Model flyers need to be registered with the CAA if they fly models over 250grams in weight and should carry the CAA registration identifier associated with the flyer.
It is desirable to have adequate insurance against potential injury to the public.

Please remember when flying model aircraft to respect other park users and follow these simple rules

  • Do not disturb other park users with noisy motors or engines
  • Always be aware of your surroundings
  • Steer clear of overhead cables
  • Keep below local tree height
  • Make sure you are aware of Southampton airport flight restrictions
  • Do not disturb any wildlife

Petrol driven aircraft are not allowed in any of our green spaces.

The byelaw states that:

20. (i) A person shall not fly any tethered or untethered power driven model aircraft in the pleasure ground except in any part which has, by notice conspicuously exhibited in the pleasure ground, been set apart by the Council for the flying of tethered or untethered model aircraft respectively

(ii) A person shall not, in the pleasure ground, fly any jet propelled or rocket propelled model aircraft unless it is tethered

(iii) In this bye law the expression "power driven model aircraft" means any model aircraft driven by the combustion of petrol vapour or of other combustible substances and the expression "tethered" requires a model aircraft to be attached to a control line and kept under effective control.

Further information can be found on the following websites

Motorcycles, mini motos, quad bikes

Motorcycles, mini motos and quad bikes are not allowed to be ridden or taken onto green space. If you are found in charge of a motorcycle, mini-moto or quad bike on a green space you could be fined and the vehicle confiscated.

Electric pedal bikes are welcome but must stick to the designated cycle paths. There is no restriction for electric wheelchairs or buggies but please keep speed to a safe level and consider other park users.