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Tents and camping

Without prior consent from the council you are not allowed to put up tents or erect or construct any other type of shelter in our parks and green spaces.

Trading in parks

Trading in green spaces can only be undertaken under licence from the council. If you would like to trade in one of our parks or green spaces then please contact parks and open spaces to discuss your requirements.

The sales of ice creams and other light refreshments in our parks and open spaces is offered on a 5 year lease regulated by the @Supply Southampton' process. All tender opportunities are posted on the Supply Southampton portal.

For more information about the current sites and how to apply on our refreshment concessions page.

Tree planting

Green spaces are great places for trees, however the wrong type of tree in the wrong place can cause issues for park maintenance and those living close by. You are not allowed to plant trees in green space without prior approval. We do have schemes that enable you help plant trees in the city.

  • Tree planting