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Parties and large gatherings

We do not restrict the size of groups using our green spaces but ask that large groups consider other park users. Remember to take your litter and waste home with you or use the bins provided. The police have the power to disperse groups if two or more people are involved in or likely to become involved in antisocial behaviour.

If you are planning a public event with a large gathering of people email events@southampton.gov.uk for advice on the correct permissions and insurance you might need.

Use of tents, gazebos, furniture, amplified music or PA equipment is not permitted except through arrangement. To discuss your requirements, please contact parks and open spaces.

Please be aware that we do not give permission for enclosed private events such as birthday parties that will restrict the use of the open space by other park users.

Photography and filming

Our green spaces are an ideal location for filming and photography. If you wish to undertake commercial photography or filming it is advisable to look at the information on our filming in Southampton webpages or contact our events team by email filming@southampton.gov.uk. There is an application process and a fee may be charged.

All commercial photography and filming must abide by the Filming in Hampshire Code of Practice.

Play areas

There are over 100 play areas provided across Southampton for children to use. Most are fenced and those that are have dog control orders in place. We do not promise to fence all play areas and you will find some with no fencing.

Play equipment in each of the play areas differs and we have tried to make each play area a different experience for children using them. Play areas are improved as money becomes available. Why not try some different play areas to see what they offer?

Play areas are inspected based on the type of equipment they have. Most are looked at daily and any defects are reported. Should you find a defective or broken piece of play equipment you can report it using our online form or by calling 023 8083 3007.

We do not put age limits on our play equipment but do ask parents and guardians to ensure that children only use equipment within their capability. Risk is an important part of growing up.

Ponds and rivers

There are various ponds, lakes, streams and rivers in green space across the city and we ask that you respect these and use them with care. When visiting one of our green spaces with a water feature please keep to the following guidelines:

  • If there is ice on the water do not break it or attempt to skate on it
  • Please do not swim in rivers or ponds - many of these have hidden hazards and strong currents
  • Follow the appropriate rules for fishing
  • Be aware of the surroundings and take special care if you are taking children into these areas
  • Follow the appropriate rules for boating
  • Do not disturb the wildlife living in the water features
  • Do not introduce plants, animals or fish to water features. Animals such as parrot tails, carp, terrapins and mink are all having a negative impact on biodiversity in waterways destroying our native plants and animals

We risk assess our water features and only where necessary do we install safety railings to prevent access. Incidents of people falling into rivers and ponds are very low but we do ask you to take care, particularly with young children when walking near to water. We also ask that you use more appropriate swimming facilities such as The Quays swimming and diving complex and Bitterne Leisure Centre.

Posters, advertising banners, flyers etc

Only posters, banners and flyers advertising or promoting public activities in the park, or relating to the park, are permitted.

Before displaying any poster or banner please contact the area manager* to approve your request and prevent removal. Any poster or banner causing damage to park features, especially trees and other plants, or obscuring any park information, including interpretation boards or signs, will be removed.

*Many park noticeboards are looked after by the park friends group. Please contact the relevant group if you wish to display a poster, advertising a park activity, on a noticeboard.

We do not allow any other advertising in our parks and any unauthorised material will be removed and disposed of.