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Commemorative bench

You can request a commemorative bench for which a fee will be charged. The current prices are:

  • New seat and plaque on existing base: £1,000
  • New seat and plaque on self-binding gravel base: £1,430
  • New seat and plaque on slab base: £1,770

The wording can be maximum of 24 characters (letters, numbers, symbols, spaces) on any of the four lines, to a maximum of 64 characters in total.

The line with the name uses a larger typeface than the rest of the inscription. This does not affect the maximum number of characters per line.

The text will be centred on the plaque, both horizontally and vertically.

Capital and lower case letters may be used.


Before you fill in this form

You won't be able to save this form to complete later, so please allow yourself at least five minutes to fill in the form.

Once we have reviewed your application and have agreed the seat location and plaque wording, an invoice will then be sent to you. No payment is taken in this form.

Request a commemorative bench

Community events

We encourage community groups to get out into our green spaces and use them. If you would like to hold a community event, more information can be found on our website.

Conservation management

Much of our open space is managed for nature conservation and supports an amazing amount of wildlife. The areas are managed by a team of officers that include ecologists, tree specialists and grounds maintenance and landscape professionals, so as to balance the recreation needs of residents and protecting the natural environment. There are several organised friends groups that carry out conservation tasks. These activities are agreed in advance with the open spaces manager and the volunteers are a valuable asset in helping to look after our open spaces.


The Council allows permissive access for cycling in many of its green spaces except where no cycling is clearly marked or where cycling is expressly forbidden by a byelaw. You are not permitted to cycle on the grass, shrub or flower beds as this causes environmental damage, which is harmful to wildlife and expensive to repair.

When cycling in our parks, please 'Share with Care' and follow the Green Travel Code of Conduct.

All parks and green spaces are SLOW ZONES. Remember to cycle responsibly, keep to a slow speed, keep to footpaths and observe no cycling zones.

Pedestrians have priority and cyclists should always give way to pedestrians.

Hierarchy of path users

  • Pedestrians with sensory or mobility impairments
  • Pedestrians
  • Motorised mobility scooters, animals (pets or wildlife)
  • Cyclist, skateboarders, skaters, non-motorised scooters
  • Service motor vehicles

Cyclist must slow right down when approaching other park users. We encourage the use of a bell only to let others know of our approach and not as a signal to get out of the way. Be prepared to dismount and walk past pedestrians, especially if there are children or dogs running around. Do not cycle off the path when overtaking

It is important to use lights and hi-vis clothing in low light conditions

We encourage the use of green spaces for leisure cycling, such as teaching children to ride and family group cycling. We ask you to respect other users, be courteous and ensure you keep to a slow speed.

Cycle routes have been provided on The Common, at Riverside Park and Weston Shore. Cyclists must keep to the clearly marked routes. Remember pedestrians still have priority along these routes. Please note that cycle routes on the Common are dual use and pedestrians have priority. It is not legal to cycle on The Common except on signed paths.