Neighbourhood walkabouts

For more information about Estate Walkabouts please contact your Local Housing Office.

West Area

Date Area Meeting location Time
Wednesday 6 July Binsey Close & Honister Close Meet outside 11-16 Binsey Close 10.30am
Thursday 7 July St James Close Meet outside each block at the following times: 1-12 – 9am / 13-36 – 9.30am / 37-71 – 10am 9-11am
Thursday 7 July Windermere Avenue Meet at 220-240 Windermere 10.30am
Thursday 7 July Millbrook Towers Meet in foyer 11.30am
Tuesday 12 July Wimpson Lane, no. 384-534 Meet outside no. 384 10am
Tuesday 19 July 1-68 Green Park Road Meet outside no. 1 10.30am
Tuesday 19 July Vaudrey Close, & Howards Grove Meet by front of Vaudrey Block 11am
Tuesday 26 July Oakley Road – all blocks Meet at block 251-281 Oakley Road 11am
Thursday 28 July Edward Road and Randolph Street Meet on road side of Randolph Street flats 10.30am
Wednesday 3 August Portelet House & Rozel Court Meet in the car park of Portelet House 9.30am
Tuesday 9 August 205-299 Lower Brownhill Road Meet outside block 205-219 10.30am
Wednesday 10 August Graylings & Beechfield Court Meet at Graylings foyer 1pm
Thursday 11 August Seagarth Close & Seymour Road Meet at: Seymour Road outside block 2-28 at 9am / Seagarth Close on the green space at 9.30am 9-10am
Tuesday 16 August Bideford Close and Pevensey Close Meet at 1 Bideford Close 10am
Tuesday 16 August 69-104 Green Park Road Meet outside no. 69 10.30am
Tuesday 16 August Birch Close blocks Meet by 1-11 11am
Thursday 25 August Gemini and Neptune Meet at end of block 1-62 Neptune Court 10.30am

Central Area

Date Area Meeting location Time
Monday 4 July St. Matthews Close/ Brintons Road Meet in Car Park at St Matthews Close 2-3pm
Wednesday 6 July Castle House Meet outside Castle House entrance 11am
Monday 11 July Northam Estate Meet at Millbank House 11.30am-12:30pm
Wednesday 13 July Albion Towers Meet in the Foyer 10.30am
Monday 1 August Oxford Road/Clovelly Road/Graham Road Meet top of Oxford Ave 2.30-4pm
Wednesday 3 August Wyndham Court Meeting outside Entrance 1 11am
Wednesday 10 August Golden Grove Blocks 197-235 & 237-275 and Josian Walk Meet outside Block 197-235 Golden Grove 10.30am
Thursday 11 August Mayfield Road Meet Junction of Mayfield and Woodcote Road 11am-12noon

East Area

Date Area Meeting location Time
Tuesday 5 July Havre Towers and Hampton Towers   10-11am
Thursday 7 July Coleridge Court Meet in the carpark 2-3pm
Wednesday 13 July 122-232 Tatwin Crescent – evens only Meet at block 206-232 Tatwin Crescent 10-11am
Tuesday 19 July Wellow Close Meet outside block 1-11 Wellow Close 11am-12noon
Tuesday 19 July Burgoyne Road Meet outside block 2-3pm
Tuesday 2 August Doyle Court Meet at block 1-6 Doyle Court 10-11am
Thursday 4 August Baxter Road Meet at block 1 Baxter Road 11am-12noon
Wednesday 10 August Linacre Road Meet at block 70-80 Linacre Road 10-11am
Tuesday 16 August Tunstall Road Meet in car park 2-3pm
Tuesday 30 August Melchet Road, Fritham Road & Bentley Green area general needs properties Meet at Melchet Road by shops 11am-12noon