Neighbourhood walkabouts

For more information about Estate Walkabouts please contact your Local Housing Office.

West Area

Date Area Meeting location Time
Thursday 23 February Albany, Firgrove and Crossley Court At Albany Road block of flats 10.30am
Friday 3 March Linford Crescent Outside block 2-28 9am
Tuesday 7 March Penrith Court Outside no.1 Penrith Court 10am
Tuesday 7 March Colne Court and Green Lane At 1-23 Green Lane 10am
Wednesday 8 March Pennine House Outside 1-6 11am
Tuesday 14 March Shirley Towers At car park entrance to block 10.30am
Wednesday 15 March Teme Road At carpark 10.30am
Friday 17 March Maybush Court all blocks At 1-8 Maybush Court 2pm
Thursday 23 March Eastchurch and Odiham Close At 1-8 Odiham 10.30am
Thursday 6 April Brendon Green Outside 36-42 10.30am
Tuesday 11 April Blyth, Goodwin Close and Mansel Road West At 1-11 Blyth Close 10am
Wednesday 12 April Mansel Court Outside flats 1-8 10.30am
Thursday 13 April Kiln Court and Potters Court At Kiln Court carpark 12noon
Tuesday 18 April 1-23 Cuckmere Lane, 48-158 Cuckmere Lane 48-158 Cuckmere Lane 10am
Tuesday 18 April Hollyoak Court Meet at entrance 10.30am
Thursday 27 April Mandela Way, Tintern Grove and Roberts Road At first set of garages Mandela Way 10.30am
Friday 28 April Bransbury Close Outside block 1-31 9am

Central Area

Date Area Meeting location Time
Monday 6 March PRADOS At Bellamy Court 10.30am-11.30am
Monday 6 March Old Town and Castle House Outside St Michael's Church 11am
Tuesday 28 March Swaythling (Fleming Road, High Road, Parkville Road, Rayners Gardens) At Fleming Road 10am
Monday 17 April Hynes Court, Cranford House, Gallia Court, Osbourne Road At Hynes Court 2.30pm-4pm
Monday 24 April Kingsland Estate Outside Kingsland Community Centre 11am
Tuesday 25 April Northam Estate At Millbank House 10am

East Area

Date Area Meeting location Time
Thursday 23 February Kingsdown Way By children's play park 11am
Tuesday 28 February Fairfax Court Outside Community Room 2pm
Friday 3 March Parry Road walk-up blocks: 11-15a, 17-21a and 23-27a Outside block 11-15a Parry Road 11am-12noon
Tuesday 7 March Weston Court Outside community block 10am-11am
Wednesday 8 March Mullen Close At 1-10 bin store 11am-12noon
Tuesday 14 March Burke Drive Meet outside 1-23 12noon-1pm
Tuesday 14 March Coleridge Court In car park 2pm-3pm
Tuesday 21 March Kathleen Road No meeting point as only one block 11am-12noon
Tuesday 21 March Roundhill Close By car park of block 46 11am-12noon
Tuesday 28 March Oslo Towers At Oslo Towers warden office 2pm-3pm
Tuesday 4 April Grately Close, Bramshott Road, Mary Key Close At Grately 10am-11am
Tuesday 18 April Vanguard Road By the car park of block 3-29 11am-12noon
Tuesday 25 April Byron Road: Blocks 1-27, 23-55, 57-83 Outside 1-27 Byron 12noon-1pm
Tuesday 25 April Gilpin Close At block entrance 2pm-3pm